“Lá Fechner 2009” An 25ú Cruinniú de Chumann Idirnáisiúnta na Sícifisice.
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Note: The following is a provisional schedule of events and is subject to change.

Wednesday, 21st October
14:00 - 17:00 Registration Opens
17:00 - 17:15 Welcome and Introduction to the Meeting - Fáilte go Gaillimh agus Réamhrá don Chruinniú
17:30 - 19:30 Seisiún Iomlánach*: Sícifisic le 25 bliain (On the last 25 years in psychophysics)
Convener: Bob Teghtsoonian
Lorraine Allan
Contingency assessment and the placebo effect, what do they have in Common?
Birgitta Berglund
Interdisciplinary Recognition of Psychophysics became Measuring the Impossible
Hannes Eisler
Retrospective, and prospective considerations on psychophysical measurement emanating from time perception studies
Steven Link
The influence of stochastic processes on changes in our understanding of psychophysical phenomena
Howard Moskowitz
How psychophysics changed the food industry
Helen Ross
Measuring size constancy and the moon illusion
Bruce Schneider
Discrimination, context and sensory representation
Bob Teghtsoonian
Measuring Perceived Magnitude: Is It Lawful?
Mary Florentine
Advancements In Psychophysics Lead To A New Understanding Of Loudness In Normal Hearing And Hearing Loss
19:30 - Late. Buffet and wine reception
Courtesy of the School of Psychology at NUI Galway and the American Psychological Association

Thursday, 22nd October
08:30 - 11:00 Seisiún Iomlánach 1: Comparáid: Próiseas agus Léiriúchán (Comparison: Processes and Representation)
Convener: William M. Petrusic
Steven R. Carroll and William Petrusic
Extending two-alternative forced-choice decision making models to the n-alternative case
Craig Leth-Steensen
Working memory resource usage in symbolic comparison
William M. Petrusic
On the time to subtract: Donders revisited
Samuel Shaki and Craig Leth-Steensen
Instruction-dependent SNARC for comparisons of linearly ordered symbolic stimuli
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:15 Spreagchainteoir* an Earraigh Eugene Galanter
Psychophysics, Psychometrics, and Psychological Metrology
Discussant: Birgitta Berglund
12:15 - 13:30 Cainteanna Saora*
Discussant: Thomas Lachmann
David Tolhurst with M.P.S. To, P.G. Lovell and T. Troscianko
Magnitude ratings for perceived changes in photographs of natural scenes may be linearly proportional to differences in neuronal firing rates
Érico Artioli Firmino with José Lino Oliveira Bueno and Emmanuel Bigand
Effects of close and distant reverse tonal pathways in musical stimuli on retrospective time reproductions
Dražen Domijan
A Neural Model for Detection of Temporal Structure
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:45 Seisiún Iomlánach 2: Sícifisic sotharlainne versus "Lebenswelten": Sícifisic sa saol mór (Lab worlds versus ‘Lebenswelten’: Psychophysics of lived experience)
Conveners: J. Scott Jordan and Jirí Wackermann
J. Scott Jordan with Charles Coey and Kiriakos Tsippaoutis
When where things are depends on what you’re doing: Stimulus control reverses implied-friction effects in spatial perception
Kevin Shockley
Multimodal specification and perceptual equivalence: Foray into the global array
Nuno De Sá Teixeira
Deriving a psychophysical law for velocity from the motor localization of a moving target
Jirí Wackermann
Anthropological turn: a missed chance for psychophysics?
16:45 - 17:15 Coffee Break
17:15 - 18:00 Spreagchainteoir* an tSamhraidh Steven Link
Psychophysics of Facial Cognition
Discussant: Tim Hubbard
18:00 - 19:30 Seisiún Póstaeirí Treoraithe* 1

Friday, 23rd October
08:30 - 11:00 Seisiún Iomlánach 3: Dul chun cinn i sícifisic chéadfach ilmhódach (Advances in multi-modal sensory psychophysics)
Convener: Jim Townsend
Discussant: Danny Algom
Nick Altieri
An analysis of perceptual dependencies in audiovisual speech perception: a new approach
Thomas James
Assessing multisensory integration with additive-factors and functional MRI
Aina Puce
Human brain responses to non-verbal audiovisual dynamic stimuli
Mark Wallace
Interdisciplinary Approaches to Studying Multisensory Processes: Bridging from Single Units to Perception
11:00 - 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:15 Spreagchainteoir* an Fhómhair Jim Townsend
Toward a New Psychophysics based on Geometry and Stochastic Systems Theory
Discussant: J. Scott Jordan
12:15 - 13:30 Cainteanna Saora
Discussant: Dražen Domijan
Timothy L. Hubbard with Jon R. Courtney
Cross-Modal Influences on Representational Momentum and Representational Gravity
Denis O'Hora
Pearl S. Guterman with Robert S. Allison, and Hugh McCague
The application of circular statistics to psychophysical research
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:30 Seisiún Iomlánach 4: Sícifisic agus Daonraí Speisialta (Psychophysics and Special Populations)
Convener: Stanislava Antonijevic-Elliott
Eugenie Dalimier with C. Dainty and R. Navarro
Measuring and modelling the effects of ocular aberrations on visual acuity
Stanislava Antonijevic-Elliott
Noise Exclusion in Visual and Auditory Modalities in Children with Language Disorder
Lorraine G. Allan with Samuel D. Hannah and Shepard Siegel
Signal Detection, Aging, and Contingency Assessment
Heike Schmidt with John MacFarland, Mohamed Ahmed, Colm McDonald and Mark A. Elliott
Investigating the Perception of Simultaneity in Psychosis: a Comparison of First-Episode Psychosis and Treatment-Resistant Schizophrenia Patients with Healthy Controls
16:30 - 16:45 Coffee Break
16:45 - 17:30 Spreagchainteoir* an Gheimhridh David Robinson
Psychological differences associated with individual differences in the physical properties of thalamocortical oscillators
Discussant: Jiri Wackermann
17:30 - 19:00 Seisiún Póstaeirí Treoraithe 2
19:00 ISP Business Meeting

Saturday, 24th October
08:30 - 11:05 Cainteanna Saora
Discussant: Denis O'Hora
Martin Arvidsson, with Birgitta Berglund, Lisa Skedung, Maiju Aikala, Katrin Danerlöv, John Kettle and Mark Rutland
Multidimensional Psychophysics: Surface Feel of Printing Paper as a Function of Physical Properties
Birgitta Berglund with L. Zheng, P. Wargocki, H.N. Knudsen and B. Müller (presented by L. Zheng)
Measuring Odor Quality of Building Materials in an Odor Space
John S. Monahan
The Effects of Incongruent Probability and Stimulus-response Compatibility on Sequential Effects
Tsuyoshi Kuroda with Yoshitaka Nakajima
The subjective continuity of frequency-glide tones in the gap transfer illusion
Giovanni Battista Rossi
An interdisciplinary probabilistic theory of measurement
Shuji Mori with Takuro Shimada
Psychophysical study of expertise perception of rugby players facing the opponent's deceptive movement
11:05 - 11:30 Coffee Break
11:30 - 12:15 Caint speisialta ar fheidhmiú na sícifisice (Special talk on the application of psychophysics) Kevin Greaney
Psychophysical and Psychometric Knowledge at Work
Discussant: Gene Galanter
12:15 - 13:30 Cainteanna Saora
Discussant: Marco Tommasi
Galina V. Paramei with David L. Bimler and Slawomir J. Skwarek
Comparing accuracy rates and reaction times in a same / different task with facial expressions
Dan Zakay with Dida Fleisig
Overconfidence paradox in perceptual tasks
Daniel Oberfeld
The temporal weighting of the loudness of time-varying sounds reflects both sensory and cognitive processes
13:30 - 14:30 Lunch
14:30 - 16:45 Cainteanna Saora
Discussant: Shuji Mori
Setu Havanur with Glyn Humphreys & Harriet Allen
Grouping by configuration influences search
Helen Ross with Martha Teghtsoonian
The Curious Case of Luther Trant and Weber’s Law
Lawrence Ward
Psychophysical scaling: The elusive consensus
Anne Giersch with Laurence Lalanne and Mitsouko van Assche
Comparing time onsets: does it require time to mentally group items? A question derived from results in patients with schizophrenia
16:45 - 17:05 Coffee Break
17:05 - 17:50 25th Anniversary Speaker Hans Geissler
On the value of constancy, the constancy of values, and the singular role of time in fundamental psychophysical laws
Discussant: Mark A. Elliott
17:50 - 19:20 Seisiún Póstaeirí Treoraithe 3
21:00 - Late. Conference dinner at the Glenlo Abbey - Clabhsúr na comhdhála agus slán abhaile!

Guided Poster Session 1
Lucia Zanuttini, Olga Daneyko & Daniele Zavagno Illusory expansion of area and apparent lightness
Ricardo A. Viegas, Armando M. Oliveira, & Ana Garriga-Trillo A Relative Ratio Model For The Integration Of Gains And Losses In A Mixed Regular Roulette-type Game
Marco Tommasi No frequency effect when judging contrast
Simon Grondin Temporal processing, range effect and Weber fraction
Thomas Schinauer & Thomas Lachmann Order Preferences as a Function of Size and Orientation of the Display
Thomas Lachmann & Cees van Leeuwen Differentiation of holistic processing in the time course of letter recognition
Anna D. Eisler, Hannes Eisler & Shuji Mori Psychological time in Japanese and Swedish males: A cross-cultural comparison
Jason S. Chan, Simon Dobbyn, Paul McDonald, Henry J. Rice, Carol O’Sullivan & Fiona N. Newell Aurally aided visual search in depth using ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ crowds
Massidda, Spoto, Bastianelli, Actis-Grosso & Vidotto The Poggendorff illusion: the presence of anomalous figure ingenerating the effect
Otto MacLin, Kim MacLin & Dwight Peterson Adaption to racial content of emergent race faces: Gradient shift or peak shift?
Tetsunoshin Fujii., Fumiyo Takahashi. & Yasuhiro Kawabata Association between facial color and recognition by means of affective words and face images
Zapasnik M. & Burnat K. Detection of velocity and luminance in random dot pattern as a measure of early binocular deprivation outcome
Anna Lindqvist, Anders Höglund & Birgitta Berglund The odor perception of three degradation products from polyamide 6.6
Tetsu Miyaoka Fine-surface-texture discrimination by indirect touch
Charalampos Karypidis What d' scores can hide and what decision space representations can reveal: an account on perceptual asymmetries in vowel-like perception
Armando Oliveira, Nuno Teixeira, Ricardo Viegas, Miguel Oliveira, Isabel Fonseca, Magda Jordão, Cindy Carvalho, Mikael Mendes, Fátima Simões & Eduardo Santos Imputations of missing information to incomplete facial expressions: A study with functional measurement
Veseljka Rebic, Mia Šetic & Dražen Domijan Brightness estimation in a neural network model with presynaptic inhibition
Priyanka Srivastava & Narayanan Srinivasan Shifting Attention across Different Spatial Scales
Ven Ananda Mitra Shraman Buddhist Meditation Approach : Nama and Rupa (Mind and Body)

Guided Poster Session 2
Baud-bovy Gabriel & Lisa Scocchia Is the mass invariant? Effects of movement amplitude and duration
Joel A. Lucas & William M. Petrusic SNARC effects for positive and negative numbers representing temperature
Paula Carolina Barboni Dantas Nascimento & Sebastião de Sousa Almeida Evaluation of children’s food preferences by forced choice method
David McGovern, Sarah Hancock & Jonathan W. Peirce Tuning and binding in compound adaptation
Mats P. Englund, Åke Hellström & Vladimir Calderon Semantics is an important factor behind the goodness-level dependant word-order effect
Tonya S. Pixton, Mats P. Englund & Åke Hellström Detectability and perceived degree of facial happiness, angriness, and emotion: the role of the particular stimuli
Francisco Carlos Nather, José Lino Oliveira Bueno & Emmanuel Bigand Time estimation and eye-tracking movement in human body static images
Akira Iwabuchi Japan's favourable reception of Gustav Fechner's view of life and death
Werner Ehm & Jürgen Kornmeier Detecting frequency-specific phase synchrony in brain electrical oscillations
Yoshitaka Nakajima, Tsuyoshi Kuroda & Tomoko Uehara Illusory unification of simultaneous temporal gaps of glide tones that are apart from each other in frequency
Hautus, M.J., Shepherd, D., & Peng, M. The effect of a reminder stimulus on the decision strategy adopted in the two-alternative forced-choice procedure
Geoffrey R. Patching, Mats P. Englund & Åke Hellström Time-order effects in timed brightness and size discrimination of paired visual stimuli: Relations to elementary processing capacity
Joseph Glicksohn, Aviva Berkovich Ohana, Tal Balaban Dotan, Abraham Goldstein & Opher Donchin Time Production and Peak Alpha Frequency: The Search Continues
Sergio C. Masin The (Weber’s) law that never was
Margarida R. Sobral & Armando M. Oliveira Differences between Frontotemporal dementia and probable AD patients regarding the discrimination of facially conveyed emotions: a study with Signal Detection Theory
Diego Dall’Alba, Marco Vicentini & Debora Botturi PsychoGear, Yet another Psychophysics Library
Jirí Wackermann & Nina Meyer-Blankenburg Differential Effect Of Stimulus Brightness In Visual Duration Discrimination

Guided Poster Session 3
Marco Vicentini, Diego Dall’Alba & Debora Botturi Stopping Rule Determination for Green’s Maximum-Likelihood Adaptive Procedure with PsychoGear Library
Fumiyo Takahashi & Yasuhiro Kawabata Association between colors and emotions by means of words and face icons
Waldemar Galante Junior, Ester da Silva & José Aparecido da Silva A comparison between the visual analogue and Borg’s CR10 scales for perceived exertion
Rosana Maria Tristão & Fernando O. de Carvalho Use of the visual habituation paradigm to investigate speech perception in prematures and Down syndrome infants
Sarah Berthaud & Stanislava Antonijevic Verbs of motion and sentence production in second language
Annalisa Setti, Kate E. Burke, RoseAnne Kenny & Fiona N. Newell Susceptibility to an audio-visual speech illusion in older and younger adults
Emi Hasuo, Yukiko Hirose & Yoshitaka Nakajima Effects of sound marker durations on the perception of two neighbouring empty time intervals
José Lino Oliveira Bueno & Lézio Soares Bueno Júnior Temporal bisection and conditional discrimination in rats
Timothy L. Hubbard & Martina Lange Prior Probabilities and Representational Momentum
Friedrich Müller & Matthias Metz Olfactory threshold estimations obtained by a three-alternative procedure and by an adaptive staircase procedure - a comparison of methods
Friedrich Müller & Sonja Giesemann Range effects in hedonic evaluation of olfactory stimuli
Kazuo Ueda, Yoshitaka Nakajima & Tomoya Araki An acoustic language universal: A perceptual experiment employing noise-vocoded speech
Job Schepens, Bastiaan du Pau, Alex Brandmeyer & Makiko Sadakata Synchronization with beats in different modalities and tempi
Brian Bargery & Mark A. Elliott Sensorimotor adaptation in visual perception
Daniel Shepherd with Michael J. Hautus & Miriam Stocks Assessing The Single Interval Adjustent Matrix Yes-No Task

* Seisiún Iomlánach – Plenary Session
* Cainteanna Saora – Free Talks
* Spreagchainteoir – Keynote Speaker
* Seisiún Póstaeirí Treoraithe – Guided Poster Session