Instructions for Submission of Manuscripts

To avoid problems and ensure a good quality abstract volume we would like you to submit your contribution three-fold:

1. Send a high quality printed copy of the document with pages numbered on their back to:

Alessia Bastianelli
Fechner Day 2010
Dipartimento di Psicologia
Università degli Studi di Padova
Via Venezia, 8
35131 Padova, Italia

2. Please send the original document in editable format (as you processed it) via email to us in whatever program you have used, as well as in a Word-convertible-file and/or an .rtf-file. (We will, if necessary, try to find a way to correct minor mistakes.)

In case you have separate graphics files, please send them also.

3. Also send a copy of the original document as a Postscript file or a PDF file.

NB: Postscript files can be generated on any platform if the appropriate drivers are installed. The PDF file should be of publication quality.

All email submissions to:
Use subject: Fechnerday manuscript.
Attachments: Give your file a name beginning with the first authors’ surname (e.g., SchneiderP1.doc, SchneiderP2.doc). Attach the file(s) to the message.
Body of the message: Send author(s) names, title and abstract.

Checking of Documents

Check graphics, formulae and rare symbols for proper printing.

If possible print the Postscript and/or PDF file and do the checking again.