Conference Fees and Accommodation – our Recommendations

We have negotiated special deal with the Rixos Downtown Hotel for 40 rooms, and we have 20 additional rooms in the university guest house (bed and breakfast) at a discounted rate for students. A free shuttle bus will transport from the guest house to the hotel and return (about 2 km). We provide options to pay for either full-board or half-board accommodation at the hotel within the conference fee. Similarly, there is an option to pay for the university guest house within the discounted student conference fee.

The first 40 fee-paying registrants covering accommodation will be allocated one of the discounted rooms at the Rixos Downtown, likewise for the first 20 fee-paying student registrants. There are also conference fees without accommodation included (see below)

I hope, if we fill the 40 rooms, we can negotiate further rooms with the hotel at the rates below.

We have attempted to be flexible, but this doesn’t cover every possibility. If you want something different, email us at Registration.

Conference Fees

All conference fees (in Euro) cover small items, proceedings volume, lunch and coffee breaks at the venue, as well as ISP membership fees of 90 Euro (full) and 35 Euro (discounted). Conference fees also cover the cost of the conference 😉.

The conference banquet planned to be held at the venue, will cost an additional 35 Euro, see below.

The excursion, planned or the 6th November, will involve additional cost – to be announced.

Türkiye’den katılımcılar için.

Stipend Application

If you’re a student, you may apply for travel grants.

Potential stipends are limited to those who are presenting;

The policy of selection is that undergraduate students are given first preference, then graduate students can be considered depending on the budget left. Typically, post docs are not eligible. The size of stipends has been 400 Euro for same continent applicants and 800 Euro for those from different continents (amount might change marginally). Please email the Society President Prof. Bruce Schneider to apply.

Fee Terms

Single room – 4-nights single occupancy

Double Room – 4 nights double occupancy

Half Board – 4 days breakfast and lunch

Full Board – 4 days breakfast, lunch and dinner prepaid, plus unlimited drink allowance at the hotel bars.


Double-room registrant full-board: 629 Euro

Double-room registrant half-board: 563 Euro

Single-room registrant full-board: 567 Euro

Single-room registrant half-board: 503 Euro

Student registrant in University guest house: 224 Euro

Registrant without accommodation in the fee: 428 Euro

Student registrant without accommodation in the fee: 138 Euro


Please ensure it is clear ‘who’ is paying for whom or what. So add information about your identity during payment.

For banquet payment, please indicate, not only your identity but  your preferred meal. The options are:

  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Vegetarian
  • Kosher
  • Other: Please specify and we will do our best to accommodate

All meals except those that conform to Jewish dietary regulations, will be Halal and as such will adhere to Islamic law.

Banquet: 35 Euro

PayPal Payment Portal

Conference Fee including 2019 ISP Membership

If you are unable to use PayPal…

please email us here  with ‘Special Payment’ in the subject heading, and we will provide BIC (SWIFT) and IBAN codes.

Turkish , Middle East  and Near East delegates, please use this email contact for details of registration and fee payments, with ‘Local Registration’ in the subject heading.