As many of you are aware, we have to postpone the next physical meeting in Ottawa, until 2021 due to the uncertainty of the global pandemic. However, Fechner Day 2020 will go on!

Instead of a physical event, the Executive Committee of the International Society for Psychophysics is hosting a virtual event, which will consist of a proceedings document, video presentations, and a live question period.

Main dates:

September 15, 2020
September 19, 2020
Upload documents to EasyChair.
October 10, 2020Send link to YouTube to accompany paper.
October 19, 2020Proceedings available.
October 19-23, 2020 Launch of Events including live streaming where available.

Details and Procedure:

We are requesting that submitters use the attached Microsoft Word template (see below) and that submissions are 4-6 pages in length (including references).

Submissions should consist of scholarly work addressing topics including perception, sensation, neuroscience, and mathematical modelling of these processes.

In addition, we invite individuals to present papers examining the past and future of psychophysics and the role of the International Society for Psychophysics. Please consider a few of the following technical/ theoretical questions:

– What is the “meaning” of psychophysics in contemporary psychology?

– What research areas are relevant to the future of psychophysics?

– What research areas have been historically relevant to psychophysics in the past?

– What are the challenges that psychophysics faces as a discipline?

All registered members of ISP can participate. There will be no conference fee. However, you must be registered with ISP and paid your membership by the submission deadline in order to have your manuscript considered.

The submissions will be compiled into a conference proceedings document that will be published online. The submission deadline will be September 15 19, 2020. Please send your submission through the submission portal:

Please use the accompanying template for submissions.

At present, the plan is to have all materials posted by Oct 19. If there is interest and we have the ability to do so, we will hold live streaming events from Oct 19-23. Ideally, these events would be coordinated so that our international audience can participate.

We would also like to suggest that those submitting a document also consider creating a video presentation. Ideally, we wish to include links to the videos and will post them on a website. The videos should be no longer than 10 min. As well, all videos should be uploaded to YouTube to ensure consistency. However, we do understand if there are issues within any particular region. Links to videos should be sent to the conference coordinators by October 10 12.

Please email:

Please use the template below. Click on the image below for the Word file.

Live Events: If you plan to host a local live session (pandemic conditions permitting), we can coordinate your session with a questions and answer period. Again, you will need to send us the appropriate link well in advance (see above deadlines).

While the committee does not endorse any software, please be aware that there are a number of freely accessible ‘desktop recording’ software is available. Some basic ideas are included in the appendix (see below).