Available Recording Methods

There are a number of freely available programs that can be used to record presentations. If you already have a Google account, you can later upload these videos to YouTube and share the link.

Here are a few examples:

Microsoft Powerpoint. Given its wide availability, Microsoft PowerPoint has an embedded screen capture tool. Once you’ve made your presentation, you can simply enable your PC/laptops microphone and video and walk through you presentation.  Depending on your version, you can simply go to “Insert” and find three available tools (Video, Audio, or, Screen Recording).

Movie Maker 10 – Free. The free version of this software will work reasonably well for users with intermediate experience. Videos can be edited with relative ease. While you cannot save the ‘project’, once you are done editing a video, you can save it.

OBS Studio. For more advanced users, OBS provides a number of recording / editing options. There is a leaning curve associated with this technology. The procedure for making. editing videos is too lengthy to describe here.

VLC Media Player. VLC is another free video editing tool. Once downloaded, you will need to turn on ‘Advanced Controls” under the “View” tab.

Please note that when uploading to YouTube, you might need to verify your account depending on the size of the video. If you are a new user and it is a larger video, YouTube might tell you it cannot be uploaded.