Fechner Day 2017

The 33rd Annual Meeting of the International Society for Psychophysics


The final version of Conference Schedule is available.

  • Sunday, 22 October: Welcome reception takes place from 5 to 7 p.m. in Conference Room C, Kyosokan.
  • Monday, 23 October: Keynote Presentations. Eulogies.
  • Wednesday, 25 October: The 2nd International Five-Sense Symposium, and Gala Dinner.
  • Thursday, 26 October: Business meeting in the afternoon.
  • Friday, 27 October: Social Event Day. Optional tour---Yanagawa boat cruise and sightseeing.

Keynote Presentations: Monday, 23 October

  • Prof. Isamu Motoyoshi (Department of Life Sciences, University of Tokyo), "Visual psychophysics with natural images"
  • Prof. Robert Hartsuiker (Department of Experimental Psychology, Ghent University), "Processing spoken words in a second language: Competition, prediction, and alignment"


  • The 2nd International Five-Sense Symposium
  • Organizers (in alphabetical order): Lihan Chen (Peking University), Yoshitaka Nakajima (Kyushu University), Kiyoshi Toko (Kyushu University)

  • Time in Perception and the Brain
  • Organizer: Makoto Ichikawa (Chiba University)

  • The Future of Vection
  • Organizer: Takeharu Seno (Kyushu University)

Availability of Hardware Connections in the Conference Rooms

The items 1-3 are for the participants who present their papers orally, and the item 4 is for all participants.

  1. Only an analog VGA with a D-sub 15-pin connector input is available for the video projectors equipped in the conference rooms.  It is your own responsibility to bring your own computer and an appropriate interface for it, if necessary.  No HDMI connection is available.
  2. An audio input with a stereo mini plug is available for sound reproduction.  Especially if you usually use an HDMI connection with your computer, it is recommendable to check and test the audio connections when switching the video settings.
  3. Be also aware in the difference in AC power supply in Japan, if you come from abroad: Type A power pulgs are used in Japan. The AC voltage is 100 V.
  4. No wireless LAN system (including Wi-Fi) is available in the conference rooms.

Poster Presentations

  • A set of boards of 2100 millimeters (= 82.7 inches) tall and 1800 (= 70.9 inches) wide is allotted to each poster. For example, you can put a landscape A0-size (841 mm long and 1189 wide) poster on your boards. The poster boards are prepared during the lunch break of Tuesday, 24 October 2017, 12:00--13:40.
  • We adopt a shift system in the poster sessions: The authors of the odd-numbered poster IDs (e.g., P1-1, P1-3,..., P2-1, P2-3,...) are in charge of their own posters for the first half (one hour) of each session, whereas the authors of the even-numbered IDs (e.g., P1-2, P1-4,..., P2-2, P2-4,...) are in charge for the second half.

Gala Dinner

The Gala Dinner takes place in Hotel New Otani, where is across the street from Kyoso-kan.

Note: There is no strict dress code for the Gala Dinner, but flip-flops or shorts are not considered appropriate.


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